Expanding my horizons

Two years into my career in digital marketing, the opportunity to undertake my postgraduate studies in Australia presented itself. I was delighted to be enrolled at Deakin University for the Master of Marketing degree. Upon arrival at Melbourne Airport, it was clear to see that the city is vibrant and bustling with life in all colours, shapes and forms.

I was lucky enough to have a friend, Moreen, who was enrolled at the same campus, guide me through my first days in the city and on campus. Her familiarity helped me in dispelling my doubts and fear of moving to a new country, so far from home nonetheless! The Burwood Campus was scenic and immediately captivated me, I loved it even more by night. The seats on Morgan walk that are brightly lit, the Deakin cube and, my personal favourite, the large Deakin sign visible for miles along Burwood Highway.

After a successful group meeting

Class interaction has been the most worthwhile experience for me. The lecturers have been incredibly insightful, delivering not only the course material but lending us their gained wisdom through experience as well. They are always open to consultation and are not hasty in response.

Interacting with my fellow classmates has also largely contributed to making my experience worthwhile. Through these groups, I have gained new perspective on various issues. The groups have also allowed me to make friends with individuals from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. The group discussions allowed for mutual education on cultures. By the end of the discussions, we were all amazed by how different yet similar we all are.

Left: Exploring Melbourne CBD. Right: Tour of the Pink Lake.

Exploring Melbourne has been a beautiful experience so far. The most fulfilling for me has been the countless restaurants available in the CBD. These boutique restaurants range from Chinese to Thai to Italian. The narrative on the internet is true, Melbourne is a melting pot of such diverse cultures. Watching the Avengers: Endgame movie at the Melbourne Museum was a real treat. I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so what better way to culminate the 22-film run than to watch it at the largest IMAX screen in the world! Right here in Melbourne!


Taking on the Thousand Steps at Dandenong Ranges

My experience so far at Deakin University, Burwood Campus has been life changing, so is living in Melbourne. The city is coastal and here, I have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets. Undertaking my postgraduate course here has expanded my horizons and broadened the idea of what is possible.

This far in my life, I have been blessed to have a solid support system through my family and friends in my home country, Kenya. Studying at Deakin has added to this by enabling me to interact with kindred individuals who share in the value of blooming where you’re planted. They have greatly impacted how I navigate through life. Overall, my life has been immensely enriched during my few months here and I look forward to what the future holds.


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