Deakin’s Telstra Trading Room brings trading theory to life

I started my Master of Business Administration (International) at Deakin University in 2017. Coming to Australia from India, I already knew that finance was my area of interest. But the big question was, which path to choose in Finance?

I completed a couple of finance units and realised my passion for foreign exchange (forex) dealing. I wanted to study a unit which dealt with forex and which was highly practical. The perfect combination of my requirements was found in a unit named Treasury Dealing. I was thrilled to know that this unit involved inter-bank trading at Deakin’s Telstra Trading Room (TTR).

The Telstra Trading Room operates exactly like a trading room of any major bank. The trading room is equipped with a big screen where exchange rates were displayed constantly and multiple desktops were placed in cubicles just like a real-time trading room. The students were divided based on banks and were provided with an opportunity to deal with each other as inter-bank dealers.

The TTR consists of Deakin Forex Trading software which allowed us to quote rates as a dealer and would also display news on the screen to carry out the trade. The TTR provides an opportunity to interact with our fellow students, assisting us in developing effective communication skills. The TTR creates a challenging environment where students not only focus on making profits under pressure but also focus on managing inter-bank relations which tend to improve our problem solving, people management, critical thinking and digital literacy skills.

The Telstra Trading give students like me an opportunity to practice their skills in a simulated foreign exchange environment.

Deakin University provides an engaging learning environment where non-experienced students can question existing theories and find a new perspective. Arriving in Australia, I didn’t realise how different the workload would be. Four units, eight assignments and four exams per trimester sounded easy to me, as I managed to study six units back home. But as days passed, I understood that Australian university assignments require more research and work than what I am used to.

At this point, I felt lost and was losing my confidence. But all thanks to the Mentor Program at Deakin, I was able to get guidance and motivation which gave me a positive kick start. A mentor of the same course was assigned to me for guidance. The support was not just limited to studies or assignments but included guidance on jobs and internships, clubs and societies, services offered at Deakin and on other range of topics for initial 6 weeks which made me comfortable and confident.

And most of all, the support and motivation from my professors was beyond words. Whether it is a doubt, career guidance, assignment guidance or any other issue, the professors are always there to help us.

Now that I was comfortable with my studies, I started looking for part-time jobs. I understand that job hunts can be a nightmare but with the right guidance, I feel it is a smooth process. I attended the workshops conducted by DeakinTalent. DeakinTalent has a range of workshops such as resume building, improving interviewing skills, introduction to Australian workplace, building LinkedIn profile and services such as resume review, job application review, career coaches and the list goes on. I followed the steps religiously and was able to land with multiple jobs and internships within and outside the university.

Receiving my Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program certificate of completion from the local mayor.

The journey of building professional experience began with a couple of voluntary roles which in turn helped me in securing jobs and internships. I started off as a Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Business and Law by assisting marketing department in various promotional events of Deakin. I was also able to land the job of Drop-In-Station mentor to help students in smooth transition by guiding towards right services, followed with a role as Research Assistant. I was also able to get an internship through Deakin’s Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program as a Market Analyst for a leading lighting systems company and also interned under Faculty of Health at Deakin University as an Event Co-ordinator. And with these multiple job opportunities, I have not only developed technical skills but have most importantly developed soft skills which are most sought after in the professional world.

As a student of Deakin, I have emerged not only as a knowledgeable person but also a more confident one who is determined to positively impact society. And with such positive experiences in the TTR, I am confident that I will secure my dream job of being a financial dealer at a major bank.

For further information about studying at Deakin and our Master of Business Administration programs, visit our MBA page.

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