‘I am confident my degree will help me get my dream job’

Hi, I am Shubham and I am doing Bachelor of Computer Science with a major in cognitive science at Deakin University. I am in my third and final year. It has been a fun learning experience.

I decided I wanted to study computers when I was in school. The very idea of computers fascinated me and still does. I wanted to learn, how does a computer perform complex tasks which a human cannot? By the time I was in high school, I had my mind set on computer science. I wanted to gain international exposure which is one of the critical skills one needs to have to have a good career and I chose Deakin University in Australia to study because of its excellent reputation.

Through the facilities that Deakin provide, I have been able to participate and learn about computers and their functions in-depth, while having fun of course! As a part of my major, I have studied psychology as well, which is something different to my course and which was a valuable opportunity for me.

Deakin University has access to various technologies and equipment that is essential for my degree, and I took full advantage of it. Labs are very well maintained with computers best in class. Deakin also provides free access to the software for its students which otherwise could be very costly. Some other impressive technologies that Deakin have are AR/VR studio and advanced robots for those who take Robotics as their majors.

Exploring Melbourne’s Federation Square.

The staff at Deakin University are the best. They are punctual, fun and easy to interact with. They too have helped me a lot and gave as much time as they could to clear my doubts. Basically, the lecturers give off a friendly impression so that a person finds it very easy to talk to them – which is very important to take part in university life.

I started my course in 2017 and since then, I have only had fun experiences. Beside my studies, I play table tennis at Deakin which helped me to get a lot of new friends from different nationalities. There is always something going on at Deakin, like the Dragon festival, opportunities for free food or the Experience & Employment Expo – and the list goes on.

I find the environment of Australia very pretty and people here are very friendly. There are tons of fun things to do here like hiking, climbing, and camping. Doing fun activities like paint ball, laser tag and many more helped make this one of the best experiences of my life.

The nature in Australia is beautiful – like this Australian black swan.

Deakin has many services that helped me to achieve my desired results. One of the services is mentorship, in which you can get help with your studies from other students. There are lot of other opportunities such as DUSA clubs, which have various study related and extra-curricular activities like music, sports related clubs.

Deakin’s computer science program provides an opportunity to do an internship which further strengthen your career prospects by creating industry links. While I still have to do my internship, I am currently working on a project which is related to cyber security. All I can say is that it is very exciting to do projects at Deakin as you get to work in a professional environment in groups, which helps you gain necessary skills for your future job.

I am very confident that my degree here will help me to get my dream job which is working at Google. My future plan is to be not only a highly skilled software developer, but I also want to give something back to the community by being a researcher.

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