Deakin’s Experience & Employment Expo: Connecting students and employers

Deakin does what it can to prepare our students for life after graduation, including connecting students with employers from across all kinds of industries.

In a recent example, Deakin’s Experience & Employment Expo (EEExpo) brought together over 5000 students and more than 220 exhibitor booths at a series of special events across all three campuses.

Run by DeakinTALENT, the University’s graduate employment division, the Experience and Employment Expos are held twice a year and provide incredible opportunities for students to meet and network with potential employers from a wide range of industries. The expo also showcases opportunities such as internships, vacation work, volunteering, international experiences and graduate programs.

For the last two years, DeakinTALENT has been voted the most popular career service in Australia by the Australian Graduate Employers Association. A big reason for this is the amount of support and engagement that DeakinTALENT offers to employers in Australia and overseas.

The Experience and Employment Expo is the biggest event for DeakinTALENT each year, according to Prof. Dineli Mather, Deakin’s Pro Vice-Chancellor of Graduate Employment.

“For students, what we want is for them to walk around, see names of employers they have never heard of before so that they can see the breadth of employers for their skill set rather than just going with an employer they have heard of,” says Mather.

Bachelor of Commerce student Jayaram found the expo ‘very helpful’.

Bachelor of Commerce student Jayaram found the expo ‘very helpful’.

Bachelor of Commerce student Jayaram is in his final year of study, so finding a job after graduation is in front of mind. He said that the Expo had been very interesting and full of opportunities.

“It is better for every student to come and have a look – it doesn’t matter if they apply or not, but still they have to know what are the jobs that are available on the market and what they are requiring for their candidates. It is very helpful.”

Jayaram, who is hoping to pursue a career in accounting once he graduates, also said that DeakinTALENT had provided him with resources and support throughout his degree to find internships and improve his resume.

Recent graduates Reshma and Lexi

Recent graduates Reshma and Lexi

Recent graduates Reshma and Xin attended the EEExpo hoping to build new connections with potential employers and learn more about available job opportunities. Reshma, who graduated with a Master of Information Technology, connected with several IT companies at the event and was interested in learning more about graduate positions available. Reshma has also appreciated the ongoing, lifetime support that DeakinTALENT provides to Deakin graduates.

“We can still use the employment service, DeakinTALENT, and UniHub to find the jobs. And they are also supporting us with our resume. Recently I updated my resume and used DeakinTALENT to do the review for me.”

Lexi, who graduated with a Master of Commerce, was excited to have found some potential job opportunities in her home country, China. Several international employers from countries including China, India and the UK attended the EEExpo to meet not only with international students planning to return home but also with students hoping to gain international work experience.

Cassie Li from Chinese recruitment company 51job.

Cassie Li from the Chinese recruitment company 51job.

Cassie Li, a Senior Project Manager for Chinese recruitment company 51job, was excited to be involved with the expo and to share their services with students.

“A lot of students are interested in Chinese employers, and they want to know the timeline for Chinese employers recruitment and want to know where they can apply for jobs – we can give them that information. And we do have a lot of internships – we help students to get graduate experience in real workplaces,” Li said.

For Deakin’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Global Engagement, Gary Smith, the importance of the Expo is directly linked to a core value proposition of the University.

“You come to university to get a degree to take you further in your employment in some way – either start new jobs or advance your career. And this expo is providing what students need to know about.”

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