Deakin alumni share: career pathways from a Bachelor of Commerce

Commerce degrees have always been a popular choice for students – and it doesn’t take much to figure out why. There are employment opportunities for commerce graduates in virtually every area of business and government globally. The list of potential careers is long.

Deakin University, Australia, has an impressive global reputation across a range of commerce disciplines – we are ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide for business, accounting, economics and finance. As well as ensuring our Bachelor of Commerce students receive a world-class education, Deakin is also committed to starting its students on a world-class career.

We recently spoke with two Deakin Bachelor of Commerce alumni to find out where their degree has taken them.


From Mauritius, to Melbourne, to Montreal

From Mauritius, to Melbourne, to Montreal

Kat Meunier

Hi, my name is Kat and I am from a small island in the Indian Ocean named Rodrigues, which forms part of the Republic of Mauritius. After finishing high school back home in 2011, I was awarded a scholarship for being one of the two Laureates of Rodrigues Island. Since I always wanted to go to Australia from a very young age, the decision was to choose which university I would attend. I chose Deakin.

I chose Accounting and Finance as my majors because I planned to work in the accounting industry. As electives, I did Corporation Law and Taxation Law, which turned out to be helpful once I started my CPA [certified public accountant] studies, and also my work as an SMSF accountant – I was constantly dealing with bank reconciliations and investments. Deakin also allowed me to realise one of my dreams for in my last trimester – I took up a Spanish unit as an elective. Deakin is very flexible with the units one wants to do.

Being an International student, I did not know anyone at Deakin during my first week. That was the main reason why I signed up for the Mentors program. Cheryl, my mentor really helped me to transition in my new student life. That’s why in my last trimester I decided I would become a Mentor so that I could help other international students. What I really liked about Deakin was meeting people from all over the world. Being in Melbourne for five years has definitely given me friends for life.

I graduated from Deakin in October 2015, with a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction. I also earned a place on the 2015 Dean’s Merit List. I worked in Australia as a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Accountant for two different firms during my two-year post-study stay. I am currently working as an Accounting Clerk in Montreal, Canada.


Deakin three ways: Student, intern, employee

Deakin three ways: Student, intern, employee

Mark Weinman

My name is Mark Weinman, I am from Sri Lanka. Ever since the day I started looking at higher education options, I wanted to travel to Australia for my higher studies. In high school, I developed an interest in accounting, finance and economics. I wanted to undertake further studies in all three areas – so I was glad to find that the Deakin Bachelor of Commerce offered me the option of selecting multiple majors.

While studying at Deakin I was fortunate to be selected to work as a Mentor in the Business and Law drop-in-station and also as a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) leader for Management Accounting. These experiences helped me develop my communication skills, leadership skills and interpersonal skills. They were also opportunities to share my knowledge about Deakin’s student support services with new students, and contribute to their success story, which I found rewarding.

During my final trimester, I had the opportunity to undertake an internship with the Deakin Finance division, where I was able to apply the knowledge from my course in a business environment and develop my networks. Upon completion of the course, I was awarded an Alfred Deakin Medal for my academic performance and contribution to University. In addition, I was also included in the 2014 Dean’s Merit List.

Through the networks I developed during my studies, I obtained a role at Deakin after graduating. I’m currently working as Senior International Officer in the Faculty of Business and Law International Team, where I work on developing and running study abroad programs for the Faculty. I’ve also decided to do further study – I am nearing the completion of a Master of Business Analytics at Deakin. My experience with Deakin and Deakin’s reputation in the field of business analytics both played a big role in me selecting Deakin to do my masters.

For further information about studying at Deakin and courses that relate to commerce, visit our Commerce page.

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