Celebrating 25 Years of Deakin University’s Engagement in India

Marking the longest sustained period of engagement by any Australian university with IndiaAustralia’s Deakin University is all set to celebrate 25 years of activity in India, in March 2019Deakin University began its South Asian operations headquartered in India, in 1994. Over 25 years, it has established itself as one of the leading international education providers in the country.

To commemorate Deakin University’s 25 years of engagement and commitment to India, it will host an array of events that will set the tone for the University’s Vision: 2025, from March 11-15, 2019. Events will be held in New Delhi and Chennai in association with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Austrade, to advance key engagement activities in this week-long celebration. Information on the events can be found here.

The silver jubilee events will focus on the thematic areas of Women in Leadership, Sport and Management, Integrated Reporting, Smart Agriculture, and Healthcare, which drive the university’s engagement with India. These broad areas will be explored through workshops, panel discussions and keynote addresses by thought leaders.

Led by senior officials from Deakin University, including the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Faculties, the first set of events will be held in New Delhi, with the culminating events happening in Chennai. Deakin University will also announce some key initiatives and partnerships that will endeavour to further improve India’s access to international education and research opportunities.

Emphasising the University’s vision, Professor Jan den Hollander AO, Deakin University’s Vice-Chancellor, stated, “From the beginning, Deakin ensured that it was committed to India for the long term. In a global research ecosystem that is increasingly multidisciplinary, multi-institutional and multinational, the strong partnerships that have evolved between Deakin and India’s industry and educational institutions over the last 25 years will be important for the future of both the countries. Deakin’s long proud history with India will be a strong foundation for the next 25 years. Whatever tomorrow holds, Deakin and its partners are ready to prepare students for the Jobs of the Future.”

Ms Ravneet Pawha, Deputy Vice President (Global Engagement) and CEO (South Asia), Deakin University, added, “Deakin’s India operations were predicated on the basic promise that what we do in India will be done with India, for India and by Indians and Deakin has not lost sight of its promise. While the first 25 years of Deakin in India was about establishment and enhancement, the coming years will be focused on evolving into a brand that resonates with all. The university’s success in engaging with India can be seen in the tens of thousands of Indian students who have chosen Deakin in the last 25 years.” 

Covering areas ranging from sports to biotechnology to healthcare, Deakin University has developed into a key conduit in the AustraliaIndia relationship, linking Australian academic expertise with leading Indian research institutions and industry. The university currently boasts of 50 strategic partnerships among its more than 100 collaborations all across India. At present, it is home to more than 5,000 Indian students and researchers, with Indians constituting the largest cohort of international students at Deakin as well as the largest cohort of international PhD candidates.


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