Studying in a beautiful country

When I think of Australia, I think of a beautiful country with plenty to see and do. However, I chose to study my Master of Communication degree in Australia because of its laid-back nature and cultural diversity. As well as its excellent education system, that is very well known all over the world.

When I was selecting a university to study at, I already knew about Deakin because Deakin is a very well-known university. When I went to a convention for overseas study I was attracted to the environment and building design. It is very modern and a great place to start my study journey. Deakin also offers flexible study options that provides opportunities to study abroad and work placement programs that allow you to gain experience while proceeding ahead with your career.

I’m a designer but I find that I need to have good communication skills to sell my products/design. It’s not just the talking, but how to maintain a relationship with future clients and make sure they stay interested in my design. My Master of Communication degree gives me an awareness of how to communicate information to diverse audiences effectively, with specific business goals in mind.

My lecturers are great, they always provide great advice on my assignments. They are also fast at replying to emails. You never have to wait longer than a day.

The facilities are great, each student gets to use the computers without the need to wait for a turn. When it comes to assignments I can always use the computer in the lab because it has all the latest software that makes me easy to complete all the assignments.

I’m looking at a career in the marketing and advertising industry, where I can deliver effective communication strategies to my clients. In my studies here in Australia, I have been given examples of real case studies that I never thought I would ever encounter while studying at university. 

I have really enjoyed living in Australia while studying. Australia is known for its nature and it so easy to release all the study stress just by going for a trip to Great Ocean Road in summer, and Mt Buller in winter.

If I was to give any tips to other international students who are thinking of studying in Australia, I would firstly say, know what you are interested in and you can always ask and email the University. Secondly, research which part of Australia you want to go. Third, look up for the University whether it is a research or skills development university.

I’ve found Deakin to be a great, diverse university.


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