The Master of Organisational Psychology at Deakin has been an incredible journey

I have been in Australia for the last six years – completing my undergraduate degree, doing my Honours, and now finishing my Masters in Organisational Psychology at Deakin University.

If you asked me six years ago whether I expected to be in Australia for more than three years, I probably would have said no. I had almost every intention to pursue my Masters somewhere in Europe (I may have had the travel bug)! That changed shortly after I arrived in Australia and pretty much fell in love with the country – the coffee-obsessed culture, how crazy everyone gets about the footy and how Christmas is in summer and it is winter in July (that still weirds me out sometimes).

I’ve been at Deakin University for close to three years now, and the thought of finally graduating at the end of the year – while very exciting – is extremely bittersweet. In particular, the Master of Organisational Psychology program at Deakin has been an incredible journey that’s brought about so many new experiences and learnings.

Tallie and friends attending an Australian Rules Football game.

Throughout the course, I’ve been able to gain not only lots of theoretical knowledge via coursework and writing my thesis, but also exposure to opportunities to put that knowledge into practice through mandatory placement requirements. I think this is such an important aspect of learning as it helps to solidify your knowledge as well as enabling you to develop a better, more informed understanding of what you want to do with your career post-uni. Not many university courses actually offer this kind of experience!

Above all, however, the most valuable aspect of the program to me has been the support and comradery you develop with the people around you. The people I’ve met and gotten to know over the last two years have all been amazingly driven, motivated individuals that I have grown to seek inspiration from.

The ability to develop and expand my network of such highly passionate, like-minded people has, safe to say, been the most rewarding aspect to the course, and I have no doubt the relationships that I’ve developed with my classmates and colleagues will continue to grow long after the course is over.

Overall, I’ve really loved that my passion for organisational psychology has been fuelled by Deakin University. They’ve provided me with constant opportunities to pursue that passion to the fullest. I am extremely grateful for the support, learnings and experiences I’ve received and have been so impressed by the calibre of my professors, colleagues and classmates.

After six years of study, however, I am quite excited to (finally) be earning a full-time income. Regarding what’s next for me post my master’s degree, I’ll be preparing for a career in management consulting as a psychologist.

My goals over the next couple of years are just to continue honing my skills as a psychologist, expose myself to as many new experiences as possible and most importantly, find a job I love. Onwards and upwards!

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