Studying in Australia helped me become the best version of myself

I was attracted to studying in Australia because of the excellent education system. The course structures here are very flexible allowing me to explore my opportunities. Also, the teaching methods are very practical rather than theory based allowing me to reflect critically.

I found out about Deakin through an information session I stumbled upon in my city. I chose to study here because the course structure of my degree appealed to me and suited me the most.

While studying at Deakin I have found the lecturers and staff are excellent at their work and I can say that with confidence. Some of them are really involved in the course teachings and the conversations with them are so enlightening. Every chat with any tutor is a learning experience.

I have also found the facilities and studios really inspiring. I absolutely love the drama rooms at Deakin. They are my favourite places and make me happy always. I have acted in some of my friends’ film projects and have experienced the TV studio and it was such a professional and great learning experience. I could spend all day in the Drama studios and not get bored.

I’m really glad I chose to study in Australia as my home country is more into theoretical rather than practical work. This means I cannot apply my knowledge as effectively in a real work place when I have to right after I am out of university. Being practical has always been my way of learning things and I love that about the Australian education system.

I have found it is important to get out as it helps you learn, explore, grow and become independent. Struggles are there, yes. But it is just the start that is scary. Once you finish and look back, you will realise that how beautifully you have grown and changed into the best version of who you are.

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