My life at Deakin has been even better than expected

I was excited to study abroad because I wanted to learn new things. I love to meet new people, experience a different way of life and add to my global, cultural understanding, all while learning in Australia’s highly regarded university system. Australia turned out to be better than I imagined. Although, all prospective students need to prepare for a weather shock because the weather here is unpredictable!

Australia has always been my preferred post graduate education destination for its advanced learning and research facilities, clean environment and rich cultural influences. Deakin University has modern infrastructure and the latest technology and it is top ranked in student satisfaction in Victoria. The trimester system has also allowed me to fast track my degree and start my career sooner.

While studying at Deakin I have utilized the 24/7 computer facilities as they are helpful for team projects and group discussions. I often go to the computer room when I feel stressed with assessments as it is sometimes hard to concentrate in my apartment.

I have received a lot of support from the professional lectures and staff at Deakin, they are as intelligent as helpful and patient. With my different background in education system and cultures, they place great emphases and more concern with my struggle in study.

In the Master of Communication, especially PR specialization at Deakin University, you are able to get real-world skills and knowledge by taking research units and participating in internship programs. Once I graduate, I desire to gain PR accreditation and hope to become a professional public relations practitioner.

Deakin University has proven to support people of all backgrounds. With multicultural students and different religions of the students, interfaith-room facility is available to perform our worship anytime we need. The lecturers are also always happy to provide time to pray.

All in all, Deakin University is more wonderful than I expected.

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