Deakin provided a solid foundation so I could jump into my career

Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am an Indonesian student studying Communication at Deakin University, Burwood Campus. Before coming to Deakin, I studied at the University of Indonesia for two years. Unlike the majority, I have the opportunity to finish the rest of my degree outside the country because I am part of the international program. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that living abroad has pushed me to become a better version of myself; the one that is independent and proactive at jumping into opportunities that can help me pursue my dreams.  

What I had in mind when I first came to Melbourne was the ‘typical’ study abroad experience I pictured from listening to countless of stories from my seniors. My life in Melbourne has been very adventurous beyond what I expected before I moved here.

Despite spending a lot of time working on my Bachelor’s degree, internships and part time jobs that I have, I also spent a lot of time travelling around Victoria. Melbourne is filled with international students from all over the world which has brought a lot of culture to the city itself. I have built many friendships with people with very different cultures and got the chance to learn more about other cultures from all over the world.

My longest hike so far in Melbourne. It took seven hours hike in total to see this breathtaking view in Little Waterloo Bay.

For my last year of university, I had to take an internship unit that is part of my course. Due to Deakin’s commitment in helping students to learn beyond classroom walls, I was granted an internship working at the university. During this internship, I gained a better understanding of a professional workplace and the expectations that comes with it.
Additionally, I was also surrounded by a tight-knit team with a positive atmosphere. They constantly demonstrated willingness when it came to helping me throughout this internship experience, making sure I could learn as much I as can. I am thankful that I managed to get a jumpstart on my career through the internship, where I can see how the lessons inside the classroom help become a part of foundation of my career.

By interacting with professionals and being a committed intern, I received a part-time job offer in the field that I want. This position was offered to me from a different company which I also did an internship for in the past. I praise God for all these blessings!


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