Pursuing my passions at Deakin University

I always knew I wanted to come to Australia to study at university for a number of factors. I knew that the people in Australia would be some of the nicest, kindest and most accepting people I would ever meet (and I wasn’t wrong).

I also knew that universities in Australia gave a lot of importance to education and academics, but also cared about the holistic improvement of their students by giving them the option of joining clubs, take part in events and build strong friendships and networks. I also wanted a certain feeling of independence and to prove to myself that I could live on my own.

I found out about Deakin through my school and some of my friends. When I started researching universities, I knew it was the perfect fit for me as the course was something I did not really find in India. I knew that Deakin had everything I wanted to make my university experience the best that it could be, and that it would allow me to pursue all my passions – which is why I chose to study here.

I did not know what I wanted to do in life but I always knew I wanted to use my voice in a positive way. Therefore, when selecting a course that would allow me to pursue my passion I was lucky enough to be selected for an internship with NDTV – a news broadcasting agency in India. At this point I knew immediately that I wanted to study digital media to create a positive impact in the world.All the lecturers and tutors that have taught me at Deakin University were amazing individuals. They provided me with so much knowledge and yet, it never felt as though I was studying because I enjoyed every part of every lecture and tutor session.

The facilities I have frequently used are the library and the 24×7 Mezz building. That is where I have spent most of my days last year – studying, spending time with my friends, sharing ideas and playing table tennis. I could sit there at any time of the day and use the computers in the building which took away a lot of pressure during assignment days.

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Australia.

One of my favourite moments during my time in Australia would be the day same-sex marriage got legalised in Australia. To me, it was just another example of how accepting this country was and as a proud gay male, it made me extremely happy because it was a monumental victory for a community that has faced decades, if not centuries, of discrimination and hate. The memory was even more amazing for me because the day the legislation to allow same-sex marriage was passed by the Australian Parliament was also my birthday.

The year I have spent at Deakin has been immeasurably amazing. I have met people who have helped me come out of my shell. I have met professors who have encouraged me and helped me challenge myself at every turn. I have made strong bonds with people from all over the globe. I have become more independent, confident, strong and ambitious since I first stepped foot in this institution. Hopefully, if you decide to come to Deakin, it would do the same for you.

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