Enjoying a positive and practical study environment

Australia has the some of the best universities around the world. After doing my research thoroughly about other countries, I chose Australia to get a study environment better than my home country, India. I found out about Deakin from an educational institute in my city. I chose Deakin as the facilities provided here are better than other universities. Even the industry prospect is of high standard.

I really enjoy studying in Australia. It is more practical based which makes it easy to learn and enjoy the course. Whereas in my country almost everything is theory based.

I have found, while studying at Deakin, all the lecturers and staff to be very professional and helpful. They help me in each step of the course with individualized and constructive criticism on my assignments. All the students have access to the equipment and studios, like the darkroom where you can develop photos for example. It makes it very easy for me to finish my assignments on campus.

Once I graduate from Deakin I hope to work with National Geographic and all other travel companies. The most exciting thing about my experience at Deakin is making new friends from all over the world and also getting a good exposure at university. I will always remember my first day at Deakin as I met plenty of new friends and got to see my university.

I would definitely recommend other students to opt for studying in Australia as they will be able to live a whole new lifestyle and enjoy international studies.


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