From a caterpillar to a butterfly

Have you ever noticed someone praising a caterpillar?

No, right?! But a butterfly is definitely praised by everyone.

People often forget the fact that the same little caterpillar, which was once ignored, developed into the beautiful butterfly they praise now.

My life resembles the same caterpillar, who has faced many challenges since birth and is now on the journey to become a beautiful butterfly thanks to my dear mum and Deakin University!     

Life at Deakin has helped Prabhjot spread her wings

Dreams in my eyes

As soon as I completed my senior secondary in India, there was a huge pressure on me and my family about my further study and career. There were a lot of suggestions all around, but none could fascinate me.

One day I was going through a list of different degrees and various global institutions and luckily I came across Deakin University. I went through its website and did research about the University and thought, ‘this is the one’.

Since I had a science background, I started looking for different science courses offered by the university. There were plenty of options to choose from, but I wanted to do something where demand was increasing in the industry, as well as for saving humanity.

Finally, on discussing with the very helpful Deakin team, I chose a Bachelor of Psychological Science. I was also offered a scholarship by the University on application because of my good results in senior secondary. The transition from India to Australia was smooth and easy, again due to the team at Deakin. I safely arrived Melbourne on 29 December 2016 with all my dreams in my eyes.

My family and I

Struggling to find my feet

Discussing my first experience in Melbourne, I felt really happy as the people of Melbourne welcomed me with lots of love. But I was unaware of the problems I was going to face on moving out from my home, away from my family. Within few days of my arrival, I started feeling homesick, I felt lonely.

On the first day of University, I felt really very relieved and could see my dreams right in front of my eyes – Deakin. The positive, warm, and welcoming environment of the University filled me with some positive vibes. Days passed and the real life began.

In the beginning, it was very hard for me to pick up the style and context of studying in Australia, due to the different education system in India. I started losing confidence in my abilities as I was not able to perform well in the assignments. This made me more worried about the fast approaching exams.

Accommodation was also a major issue which I had to battle at the same time. Somehow I managed to get through the first trimester, but with not so satisfying results.

Then it all changed.


Falling in love with Deakin

I first sorted my accommodation with the help of Deakin. I joined the Connect Program, which gave me some amazing friends, and started getting involved in different events going on in the University.

With its amazing Unit Chairs (who are available day and night), fabulous library (open 24-7), and a very new and study-oriented Melbourne Burwood Campus, study became very interesting and enjoyable. We were also provided with mentors who guided us throughout the trimester.

This altogether made me realize that I came here to do a degree, but now it had become the passion of my life. I fell in love with Deakin, Melbourne, and Psychology.

Now, I am looking forward to becoming a good psychologist so that I can represent Deakin with honour in my entire life and make my family (my parents and Deakin) proud of me. Deakin gave me the wings to fly like a butterfly.

Prabhjot with her fellow Connect leaders

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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