Getting out of my comfort zone and gaining new experiences

Hello there! I’m Aldrich Clarence from Indonesia, and I graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Information Technology.

During this course I learnt how to program and apply that to mobile and application development. I learnt how to develop my own software for different devices. I’m currently continuing my studies at Deakin’s Melbourne Burwood Campus with a Master of Information Technology (Professional) to develop my skills further, and have planned to study a PhD after I complete my master’s degree. I’m passionate to innovate and create my own product that could be useful to people and myself.

My studies at Deakin started with teaching me the foundation of programming and developing my own games and web apps, which I found really cool. Not only was there a focus on practical learning, but the units I selected also taught me about the IT environment, planning, designing, and testing of programs, as well as being professional and open-minded. Those are the important skills needed in the IT industry. The knowledge I gained would not have been possible without the assistance and support of Deakin’s academic staff. My experience and late night efforts to complete the Bachelor of Information Technology have trained me to pursue my dream.

There are two main reasons of my motivation in studying Deakin’s Bachelor of Information Technology. Firstly, I really have an intrinsic interest towards information technology. Since my childhood days I always had curiosities towards everything related to technology. Secondly, there are many career opportunities within this field.


This degree has given me many chances to recognize how curious I am towards information technology. It has made me realize how broad the world of information technology is. I want to use what I have learnt to assist other people.

In terms of experience of living abroad, the first time I moved to Australia I felt terrified as I was moving away from my home country, family, and friends. I was 15 years old when I first started my studies at Deakin, therefore leaving a familiar environment was a bit difficult. In addition to that, I also needed to adapt to the new surroundings, as well as adjust my daily activities because I needed to be independent. However, as more days pass I’m starting to get familiarized with the activities and surroundings. Experiences have taught me that I should not let my thoughts stop me from pursuing my dream.

Enjoying Brighton Beach in Victoria

One of the advantages of studying abroad is experiencing other countries’ cultures, cuisine, and history. I like to travel and have visited several countries in Asia and Europe, however before studying at Deakin I hadn’t been to Australia. Living in Australia gives the opportunity to travel around the country during the summer vacation. I got the chance to explore several cities in Australia, other than Melbourne, like Sydney, Perth, and Geelong, which I found to be a great opportunity to learn new cultures and understand more about this beautiful country.

My journey in getting my degree has not been smooth sailing, but I have learned to not let fears stop me from achieving what I want. Get out of your comfort zone, and that way you can learn new things and gain experiences!

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