Discovering the sights, culture, and people of Deakin and Australia

Hello! My name is Mark and I am from Singapore. Prior to studying Medicine here at Deakin University, I had studied in London, England, for my undergraduate degree in clinical pharmacology before returning back to Singapore to work as an accident and emergency executive. I was independent and enjoying myself, but something was missing. I felt that I had more to offer the world, and that the world had more to offer me. I needed to pursue higher education and at the same time explore the world and experience its sights, its people, and its cultures. Having just returned from Europe, I looked on to Australia as my next destination.

Prior to my arrival, I had never been to Australia and all I knew about it was that it had many of the world’s most dangerous animals inhabiting its lands and waters. However, after reading about its history and geography, I saw that Australia had so much to offer in terms of culture, landscape, and education.

With friends exploring Grampians National Park

Looking at Deakin, I was excited to be part of a rural medical school where I could learn more about Aboriginal culture, rural culture, and medicine. I was also thrilled at the opportunities available for widening my knowledge and the chance to conduct research! The more I read what Deakin had to offer, the more I felt that starting postgraduate studies there would be a wise choice. It would be a brand new start on a continent I was not familiar with, however, the fact that I had learned to become familiar with unfamiliarity since my youth, I had a clear mind and light heart. I set off for Deakin’s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

Studying Medicine at Deakin has since been both rewarding and challenging. Lecture concepts are solidified with problem-based learning groups where we discuss scenarios and highlight learning issues for us to research. This widens the scope of knowledge that we have already gained from the details in the lecture. Modules in public health medicine and ethics, and law and professional development help me to see what I’ve learnt and how it can be applied in public and to legislation. The support at Deakin has been incredible too with professors answering questions promptly and never hesitating to help when research queries are involved. The course is long, there is only a week’s break between the semesters, and assignments have to be balanced with revision. In all, it is a challenging environment and one that I wish to thrive in.

My friends and I at the Deakin Med Ball in 2016

It has only been nine months since I started at Deakin but already I have experienced so much. From hikes in the beautiful reserves of the Great Otway and Wilson’s Promontory to enjoying the city vibes of Melbourne and nights out with friends after an exam. I feel that my resolve to live up to my own expectations has been strengthened and that my character as a person and as a future doctor is being moulded positively by the staff, students, and culture of Deakin. I can only look forward to greater things with all of them. Thank you Deakin and Australia for allowing me to have this wonderful opportunity!

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