Deakin works to expand employment opportunities in India

Indian students are engaging in higher education – both at home and overseas – in record numbers, and while these study experiences are important steps in students’ personal development there is always that lingering question: what next?

Even as India continues its rise into a global economic superpower there are challenges ahead finding employment opportunities for an ever-growing pool of young graduates. As the Times of India recently reported, 31 per cent of Indians between the ages of 15–29 are neither employed nor enrolled in studies. Within 10 years, India’s workforce is expected to exceed 1 billion people, making competition for employment that much more intense.

As a result of our long commitment to India, Deakin University recognises these challenges and is actively working with the Indian Government and Indian industries to improve the employment landscape for our Indian graduates and Indian workers in general.

Recently Deakin signed an agreement with India’s National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The NSDC works to develop a national network of vocational training institutions and generally upskill India’s working population through training and financing programs.

Under the agreement with the NSDC, Deakin will be applying its data analytics expertise to NDSC initiatives to measure the impact of NDSC projects and establish a monitoring and evaluations framework for the NDSC. The Deakin–NSDC partnership will work to ensure that NSDC initiatives meet their aims and provide business-critical information that can be used to refine and improve future projects.

This work with the NSDC is only the latest chapter in more than 20 years of engagement between the University and Indian students and institutions. Deakin was the first Australian university to open an office in India, as a result of this long connection more than 3,000 Indian students are currently enrolled at Deakin.

To support students as they prepare to enter the workforce, the University has developed DeakinTALENT, an award-winning suite of graduate employment services. DeakinTALENT connects students directly with employers and employment opportunities from the very beginning of their university studies. The success of the program was recognised last month when the Australian Association of Graduate Employers named DeakinTALENT as the most popular university career service in Australia.

DeakinTALENT offers a wide array of services to Deakin students, including development programs and workshops, career coaching, recruitment events, and resources for finding internships and professional volunteering opportunities during your studies. And through DeakinTALENT Connect, students can engage directly with a wide range of employers from across Australia.

And for Indian students Deakin offers additional resources to help them prepare their career journey. Deakin’s Graduate Employment Division has teamed up with the University’s New Delhi office to open up employment and professional development opportunities across India with a wide range of employers. Deakin works closely with Indian business leaders across the country and in many industries to share research expertise, but also to link Deakin students to unique employment opportunities.

This initiative is a further sign of the University’s special relationship with India, and our commitment to supporting the success of Indian students as they embark on the next phase of their professional journey.

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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