A journey that would change my life for the better

It was 21 March 2014, the day that changed my life forever. It was my first day at Deakin University’s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus studying the Master of Engineering (Professional). Everything seemed so different and yet so new. I knew I had embarked on a journey – one that would change my life for the better and would transform me as an individual.

My very first lecture gave me an insight into my future and gave me a sense of what Deakin could offer me. A few words of wisdom given by my professor Dr Bas Baskaran at the very start of the lecture set the tone for my entire academic career at Deakin University.

During my studies, there was a need to earn a living, and I’m sure that most international students go through the same phase. But what was important for me was to maintain a balance between work commitments and studies. I made sure that my work did not hinder my studies and that I was up to date with the lectures, tutorials and assignments.

The Master of Engineering (Professional) has a unique course structure which helped me to gain a good insight into the water industry. However, with the choice of the electives offered, I could also manage to integrate a few units from the construction management field. So along with sound knowledge of the water engineering fields, I also gained a good insight into the Australian construction industry.

Exploring the Deakin Burwood Campus Library

My course also involved a unit named Engineering Project. The project proved to be crucial for me landing a job as a graduate engineer in my field of study.

Deakin provided me with a perfect platform to showcase my theoretical skills and bring them to practical use by giving me an opportunity to undergo an industry-based project for two semesters.

Deakin University’s advanced engineering learning and research facilities provided me a perfect platform to perform my tests and experiments and the trail of my project under the supervision of very helpful and understanding technical staff. With my hard work and determination to succeed, I achieved a perfect result and was now set on a new phase to land myself a job.

There were times when there was lots of study and assignments to do, but getting guidance from my parents as well as Dr Bas Baskaran kept me motivated and determined.

After graduation, my aim was to get the job that I always wanted. I knew that this process was not easy and with the growing number of graduates and limited employment opportunities, I was aware of the hurdles that I had to overcome to get into the Australian water industry. Even after my graduation my professor never hesitated in meeting with me. I met him countless times and took his guidance on how to apply for jobs and formulating the cover letter and the resume as a part of the application process.

Today I owe my success to God the almighty, my parents as well as my professor Dr Bas Baskaran, without which it would not have been possible to achieve what I have achieved today. As of today, after having worked towards getting my dream job, I look forward to a challenging and a rewarding career within the Australian water Industry.

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