Deakin & Australia – A page of my life journey

So why would you choose to study food science at Deakin?

My answer is: Because Deakin is that good!

Here is the story: My mum suggested that I do an undergraduate degree in food nutrition science, and I chose to study overseas. It turns out I am now a Deakin student studying a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences and sharing my ‘Oz’ experience in front of the computer with you.

Hello from Australia!

Hello from Australia!

My name is Weishan and I’m from China. About five years ago, I stepped on the plane to Melbourne alone with no hesitation but after a big cry at the boarding gate. As an underage person (at that time) who was going to start a new life in a brand new country, I was super tense but excited. ‘To experience and explore, viva la vida’ – this is my slogan and it shapes my character and life attitudes with independence and optimism.

Deakin is one of the contributors in my life path. The University provides a lot of opportunities for students to develop themselves in various aspects. For example, mentors and student advisers from different faculties are my ‘study buddies’ for planning and supporting my university life; the Deakin Jobshop has information and suggestions for those who would like to gain some beneficial experience through internships, volunteering or in some other work fields; Study Abroad programs provides types of overseas study options for those like me, who wanted to gain some qualified overseas study experience in different countries.

Kinomo-Japanese tradition dressing night, Kyoto Japan

Guess where I studied abroad?!

It was my pleasure to attend a study program in Japan in January 2016. I had a really good time in Kyoto with new friends from around the world. We had lectures about Japanese culture, my favourite one was about Japanese food and dieting habits. Besides classes, we also took part in activities such as visiting Zen temples, experimenting with ikebana (flower art), attending a tea ceremony, and we were lucky enough to witness the first snow in Kyoto of 2016.

Tea ceremony experience, Kyoto Japan

Tea ceremony experience in Kyoto, Japan

With my Deakin study experience, beyond my food and nutrition classes, I have also developed interests in cultural arts and humanities, which might be a direction for further studies after completing my current bachelor’s degree.  

For all I have experienced in Australia, I treasure it deeply. It is the place that records my laughs and tears, and it is the place that witnesses my growth and development. Australia is a place that has been and continues to be some of the most remarkable pages in my life story – for adventures, for experiencing and exploring, and for my own ‘viva la vida’.

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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