Studying at Deakin: It must be destiny!

If – like me – you are from the late 1980s, you probably remember that song by the New Radicals, You Get What You Give. The song started by saying, ‘We’ve got the dreamer’s disease,’ and that’s exactly how I felt when I left Italy 10 months ago. I desperately wanted to express my potential in life, and when I was in Italy I felt that my dreams were slowly fading away.

When I arrived in Melbourne, Australia, I had no idea what to do. But after two weeks in this beautiful city, I was already sure that this was going to be my new home. From that moment onward, with my brother’s help, we tried to find a way to stay. My brother asked me, ‘Why don’t you consider studying a master’s degree here in Australia?’

When deciding which university to study at, I already knew about Deakin, because many years ago I studied an English language course at the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI). I thoroughly loved those two months of my life, and I always wished I could go back! So I went with my brother to Deakin Open Day. I immediately felt that young, bright, vibrant soul that you feel only at Deakin. In fact, more than an Open Day it was a festival! There were dozens of things to do, music and food. Who could possibly imagine a university open day like that?

My DUELI friends and I on our graduation day

My DUELI friends and I on our graduation day

At Open Day, I approached one of the course advisors and asked about the Master of Communication program. The lady was very eager to illustrate every single detail about the course. I knew right away that based on my professional experience, the course was exactly what I wanted to learn but I never had the opportunity to! In particular, Deakin has a strong focus on the Visual Communication Design specialisation. After applying and receiving the offer, it didn’t take a long time to decide. I also applied for the scholarship and got it, which helped by tossing aside my financial concerns. Maybe it was just destiny!

Now it has been two months since I began studying. I’ve made friends and I am very busy. I can’t really describe in words how I feel when I go to Deakin. The campus is just beautiful and it has everything students need, from the huge library to the student counselling service.

My new friends in Australia

Making new friends in Australia

As a Deakin student, you are never alone. Teachers and lecturers are so excited and passionate about their courses, which truly makes the difference. The teachers encourage you and help you to feel motivated when you are studying and preparing your assignments.

The teachers encourage you and help you to feel motivated when you are studying and preparing your assignments.

Studying a master’s degree in Australia is very challenging. You have to prioritise, move fast, read and write a lot. But it is incredibly rewarding!

I held on tightly and I’ve got my dreams back. I found a place where I can learn and where I can express my potential. It’s Deakin!

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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