An experience to tell the grandchildren (one day)!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live somewhere else? To completely challenge your mentality to the fullest because you have to step outside of your comfort-zone? But then doubt your own abilities by saying ‘it’s impossible’? That’s exactly how I felt before coming to Australia.

The thought of living alone and studying overseas terrified me as life back in Indonesia was super easy. But after lots and of lots of motivation from family and relatives, I decided to study in Australia. I went to an agency to choose a university, and Deakin University was the one that crossed my mind. Deakin offered a variety of courses and the Deakin Melbourne Burwood campus was beautiful.

Deakin offered a variety of courses and the Deakin Melbourne Burwood campus was beautiful.

Although I missed home in my first weeks living in Australia, I realised how rare this opportunity was to study in Australia – I want to do this for my future, a better future. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to make any friends at Deakin, but I felt proud of myself when I started making new friends on campus, and began hanging out and studying with them. I overcame the challenges of moving to a different country and I have become a stronger person.

Trip to Mornington in November 2015

As time went by, I enjoyed my time at Deakin even more. I love living on campus, walking past the river every day on the way to the classroom, and I love meeting new people in class. I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and my classmates are very helpful. Studying International Relations requires broad knowledge of the world and Australian politics, and luckily my classmates are mostly Australian as they help me understand what is going on in Australian politics! I can’t be more grateful for their help.

I’ve also completed some fun elective subjects such as a subject called ‘Genre & Performance’. This film subject taught me about a variety of movie genres in the past 120 years and as part of the subject, my group created a short movie. There were lots of equipment available for us to use, and we were able to borrow costumes and cameras to make our movie. The film was uploaded on YouTube and the whole class gathered to watch all the performances.

Me and my friends from Genre & Performance

Behind the scenes in my film class

I‘ve had so many happy moments from my time here at Deakin. Deakin holds many events for students to socialise and have some fun. I’ve met students from all over the world – from India, Pakistan, China, Chile, and not to mention exchange students from the US, Canada, and Austria. Meeting people from all over the world has made me realise that diversity is important and it is crucial aspect of understanding each other’s culture. Recently, I’ve even attended some events run by the Deakin Spanish Club!

I’ve learnt so much from my time living in Australia and in particular, studying at Deakin. This has been a challenging, yet positive life-changing experience for me. Do I miss home? Yes, of course. But I know I’m doing this for my future and I really, really love being in Australia. This is an experience of a lifetime to tell my grandchildren hence I will not waste my time and miss the chances.

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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