Worth the Risk! Studying Accounting and Finance in Melbourne

Hello, my name is Miku Ogawa. I am a second year international student at Deakin University and I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance. I was born in Japan and after I graduated from high school, I came to Australia to study.

When I first met other Japanese students in Melbourne, they were surprised to discover that I am staying in Australia for my whole degree, instead of going to university in Japan. The reason for this is that many people in Japan think that it is risky to leave Japan without first completing their education. There is a belief that if Japanese students attend university in a foreign country, their local academic background will be just a high school certificate, and that this may impact their employability in Japan. But for me, I took the risk because I really needed to grow and develop and I wanted to chase an adventure in a beautiful country with lovely people.

I took the risk because I really needed to grow and develop and I wanted to chase an adventure in a beautiful country with lovely people.

Before starting my Bachelor of Commerce degree, I studied at the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI). Here, I made many friends through my classes and DUELI social activities. After I graduated from DUELI, I was able to begin studying a Diploma of Commerce at Deakin College, which provides a pathway into the Deakin University Bachelor of Commerce program. At first, the language barrier made it hard to study. However, there were many international students at Deakin College and all of us were in the same situation, and we were able to help each other.


Volunteering as a mentor at Deakin College

After I graduated from Deakin College, I progressed to my undergraduate degree at Deakin University. I am really satisfied with my decision to study at Deakin, so I am happy to share with those who are reading this article how amazing Deakin is. Deakin University has beautiful campuses with modern facilities and the University delivers students a high quality education. There are also various student societies at Deakin which make life on campus very exciting.

My most favourite student society is called the Japanese-Australian Social Society (JASS). JASS engages with international and local students through their interest of Japanese and Australian culture. I joined JASS to connect with Australians who love Japanese culture. My favourite part of JASS is that it is not only about learning each others cultures, but it is also a great opportunity to make fantastic friends through fun weekly activities such as cooking events and movie nights.

We cooked delicious Japanese noodle called Ramen as a activity of JASS

We cooked delicious Japanese noodle called Ramen as part of JASS

I had my birthday party with friends from JASS last year and I had dinner with some members of JASS when I went back to Japan. I cannot help thinking that they are my precious friends now and my time at Deakin would not be the same without my involvement in JASS.

The amazing experience that Deakin University has given me makes me want to live in Australia for good. If you have not decided yet whether you will choose Deakin University or not, are there any reasons for not choosing? Your amazing university life is right in front of you!

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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