Living it up in Australia – My Second Home

Hola! My name is Daisy and I’m from Colombia. I’m studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife Biology and Conservation) at Deakin University. Before I studied at Deakin University, I completed a Diploma of Science at Deakin College. I decided to come to Australia when I was 17 years old to enhance my English skills. To study and live overseas by yourself is an important stage in your life. It may not be easy at first to adapt to a different place but it gets better.

To study and live overseas by yourself is an important stage in your life. It may not be easy at first to adapt to a different place but it gets better.


Making new friends in Australia (Photo: DUSA)

When I first arrived in Australia, I received so much help and support from others, especially from my host family. They were kind to me and treated me as one of the family I have been in Australia for two years and I have always been treated with respect and kindness.

Being in Australia not only helped me improve my English skills, but also helped me grow me as a person. My experience studying overseas has opened my eyes in many ways. Most importantly, I discovered my true passion when I went to different wildlife parks and safaris in my first year living in Australia. I realised how happy I was when I was with animals and I wanted to study a course related to the conservation of wildlife in order to make a difference.

Enjoying the company of a Koala for first time

Enjoying the company of a Koala for the first time

When I visited Deakin University for the first time, I was warmly welcomed and was surrounded with positivity. The atmosphere at Deakin was better than I expected. All the staff were friendly and they help me with my questions about my course. It was such a relief when I finally figured out my future career path in such a great environment.

Studying at Deakin has been lots of fun. There are a variety of social events that happen during the year, organised by the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA). These events include Orientation Week. This event gave me an opportunity to get involved in different societies with diverse interests. Orientation Week also made it easier for me to adapt to this new environment and helped me meet new people during my first year at Deakin University.


At the Deakin Enviro Club booth at Orientation Week (Photo: DUSA)

Leaving my home in Colombia and stepping out of my comfort zone was definitely not easy, but making new friends, visiting wonderful places and living new experiences made it worth it. I can honestly say that I am not the same person as I was back in Colombia. I am not scared of living new experiences, travelling by myself and I am comfortable being away from home. After two years of being in Australia, this country has become my second home.

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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