Getting animated: My Creative Arts studies at Deakin

I am Guidho and I am from Indonesia, precisely Jakarta, the capital city. People often spell or say my name incorrectly, so you can just call me Gui. I am doing a double degree program with Universitas Indonesia and Deakin University. As part of the program, I study at each university for 2 years. I’m now in my final year at Deakin University, studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Animation.

When I graduated from high school, I was initially studying Engineering but it did not go to plan. So I decided to change my course and follow my passion to be a filmmaker. I like everything that is related to film and videography. I have a dream that one day I can make an animated film for my country, Indonesia. Because sadly, most of the animated films in Indonesia are less appreciated. Someone once said to me, ‘Don’t dream your life, live your dreams,’ so here I am, living my dream in Australia.

Someone once said to me, ‘Don’t dream your life, live your dreams,’ so here I am, living my dream in Australia.

The Deakin University International Scholarship financially helped me to follow my passion. I received this scholarship because of my good grades at Universitas Indonesia. It made me really happy that both universities appreciated my hard work.

I am very happy studying Animation in Deakin University. I spend a lot of my time doing my animation tasks at the Burwood Interaction Media (BIM) Studio, a computer lab for animation students. Creating animation for me is about passion and patience, because you usually need to create 24 frames of animation for one second of footage and it takes a lot of your time. So you need to have a passion and also patience when creating it. I often stay late in the BIM Studio to do my tasks and sometimes a security guard will ask me to leave because it is time for everyone to go home, and he is closing the lab. You know it is your passion when you feel tired but you are happy doing it.

Late night at the BIM Studio

Late night at the BIM Studio

To gain work experience in the creative arts industry, I applied for an internship at Deakin Motion.Lab. So far, the internship has taught me so much. Through the supervisors and other staff at the Deakin Motion.Lab, I have not only learned the technical aspects of animation and working in a studio environment, but I have also developed many life skills; like being organised and managing my workload.

My experience studying at Deakin University and interning at the Deakin Motion.Lab. has affirmed my dream to work in the creative arts industry. In time, I hope that I can fulfil my next dream and produce an animated feature film in my home country.

Motion Capturing

At the Deakin Motion.Lab

To learn more about Deakin University and opportunities for international students, visit the Deakin International webpage or ask a question below.

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