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My name is Natalia but my family and friends all call me Lia for short. I’m currently in my final year studying a Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. I’m studying in Australia to follow in the footsteps of my 2 older sisters who were sent here first by my parents and ended up loving it. The idea of studying overseas seemed forced in the beginning, but agreeing to study here is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Some of my happiest experiences at Deakin have been through my involvement in the Deakin University Indonesian Student Association (PPIA Deakin).

Some of my happiest experiences at Deakin have been through my involvement in the Deakin University Indonesian Student Association (PPIA Deakin). At first I wa­sn’t too excited about getting involved with PPIA Deakin because I thought it would make me feel like I was back in Jakarta, always surrounded by Indonesians and afraid that my English skills would not improve. I was wrong. After volunteering with PPIA Deakin over the years, I found that maybe this is where my passion lies.

I then joined the PPIA Deakin committee and that was another good decision because I learnt so many different things, especially in terms of being in an organisation, meeting people from different backgrounds, and people with different ideas and work ethics. Using what I’ve learnt from that experience and in my classes, I became the Project Manager of PPIA Deakin’s annual sporting event, Springnation.

The 2015 Springnation committee

The 2015 Springnation committee

Springnation is an annual sporting event held by PPIA Deakin for Indonesians who reside in Australia. Usually held in September, it includes individual and team-based sporting competitions such as Futsal, Basketball and Badminton. Before joining the committee, I had volunteered at the event in previous years.

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to organise Springnation after volunteering for the event for 3 years. I look at the event as an opportunity to apply what I’ve learnt from my experiences. Being the Project Manager of Springnation has enabled me to meet even more people and learn about some of my limitations.

MVP soccer

The Vice Project Manager (left) and myself with the Most Valuable Player for Futsal at Springnation

During the event, we were faced with many challenges, such as not having enough team members for some competitions and we only had limited time for our sponsorship team to gather money. Despite these challenges, the committee was as determined as I was to make this event the best it could be. Although the results weren’t as good as we expected, we still considered the event to be a wonderful success! Given the situation, we all know that we’ve done our best and we were glad that the participants were happy with our work.

In PPIA Deakin, success is not always about the money we can generate from our events, but it’s more about the experience itself. Since Springnation, we have received lots of positive feedback from participants and even from the committee. We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves.

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