Life as an open book – Learning in multicultural Australia

I, a quiet girl, like reading and making friends with books.

But two years ago, I went to Taiwan as an exchange student. I travelled around this beautiful island and met many people. I listened to their stories and saw different ways of living. That was the first time I felt that every person is like a book. Through reading people, we can experience our life broadly and perceive the world profoundly.

Since then, I not only wanted to make friends with books, but also would like to read people from different countries with different backgrounds, experiences and stories. Therefore, I decided to study overseas and chose Australia due to the multicultural environment.

Elizabeth with her friend Katsuya from Japan

With my friend Katsuya from Japan

I came to Australia last September and started my language study in the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI). This is an amazing place providing multiple opportunities for me to read people from all around the world. I was interested in Iranian culture because of the book Persian. The first friend I met in DUELI was Ziba, who is from Iran and always shared her life in Iran with me. I read a biography of Aung San Suu Kyi and met Swe from Burma who told me many stories about Suu Kyi. I found people around me are open-minded and brilliant with their own special stories which can always move and inspire me. That makes my study and travel in Australia meaningful.

Elizabeth with her friend Ziba from Iran

Me and Ziba – my first friend at DUELI

I chose nursing because I want to see more people and read their stories. I enjoy my nursing study and placement in hospital. When my patients share their experiences and understanding of the meaning of life with me, I know nursing is what I would like to do in future.

As a Taiwanese writer said, ‘Life is a beautiful thing.’ It does not matter how amazing the environment is around us, but whom we meet. We are warmed by the people we meet and then we become a sun that is able to warm others. I will continue to make friends with books, read people and become a sun to shine others.

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