Finding faith and familiarity to support my studies in Australia

Image of Siti at the Deakin Burwood Campus

From the tropics to the city of four seasons in a day, my arrival to Melbourne was daunting.

It was only on the day I was finally leaving for Melbourne from Brunei did it suddenly hit me that I was leaving behind my family and friends, and all my fears – from settling into University to finding accommodation – were becoming into reality. But all these fears disappeared as soon as I arrived at the airport. There was such a welcoming vibe to Melbourne as there was always help around with anything I needed, and that’s when I knew I was going to be alright.

Image of Siti in a park looking at ducks

Siti enjoys a moment with nature

A few weeks after my arrival and slowly settling in, I attended the Orientation Week where I familiarised myself with the campus and its environs. Orientation Week was an eye-opener where I was able to get help to fully settle down, from setting up a student bank account to class enrolments and a whole lot of other specifics. At the same time I had loads of fun with the range of activities that comprised of club registrations, acrobatic acts, fun fair rides, meeting new people, and not forgetting the free food!

One of the clubs which I affiliate myself with was ISDU (Islamic Society Deakin University). ISDU mainly helps Muslim students feel comfortable with their religion around and out of campus, by providing prayer rooms and holding events and talks. For me some of my worries before coming to Australia was looking for halal food and the appropriateness of wearing the hijab (head scarf). I was pleased to realise that this was not an issue at all, and halal food is in fact easy to find on campus from the several food spots.

I was amazed and glad to know that there is a (Bruneian Students Society Melbourne) which involves Bruneian students and other Bruneians living in Melbourne. This made me feel that there is a part of home in Australia.

Image of Siti with a friend

Selfie time in Melbourne City: Siti with a friend

After months of looking into what course was best suited for me, I had finally decided on Visual Communication Design. Although it was a completely new course to me where I had not much experience with, design was something I was always passionate about and Deakin has given me the chance to pursue this. I was also given the chance to study a range of other subjects where I have chosen, Arabic and painting, also areas where I am interested in.

Having no set career path, I intend to follow where my interest leads me. I believe that I can achieve what I envision and I am confident that Deakin University will be a successful platform to help me flourish.


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