My long, but worthwhile journey to Australia

The best way to summarise my Deakin and Australia experience in one word is AWESOME! Today, I look back with gratitude as I look forward to a bright and colourful tomorrow. This month makes it the sixth month I have been in Melbourne, Australia, and I can proudly say I am loving every bit of it.

My journey to Australia started on a hot afternoon in Lagos when I boarded the Qatar Airways airline coming to Melbourne. We had a stopover at Doha for about two hours. The time it takes to fly from Lagos to Doha, Qatar, is seven, and then the journey of 13 hours to Melbourne began. The long journey experience makes me understand why people say Australia is the end of the globe. I was pretty much awake while the flight lasted, simply because I was enthusiastic, expectant and couldn’t wait to start my Deakin journey.

I have always had the desire and dream to visit Australia, having studied at an Australian university in South Africa. Deakin University made the dream come true as I got an offer to further my studies with a Master of Arts in international relations. Australia is a place to be – I got a warm and friendly reception at the airport, the immigration officials and other people in authority attended well to my immediate needs. In less than 24 hours of my arrival I visited the citadel of learning DEAKIN UNIVERSITY. I was amazed and blown away by the large campus in Burwood, the edifices and smiling staff members.

On the orientation day, I met students from all parts of the world; just when I thought I have seen it all in South Africa, Australia blew me away. It is indeed a multicultural, diverse country. The learning system at Deakin is effective and easy to learn, the lecturer gets feedback from the students through the interactive CloudDeakin student portal. I must admit I have quickly adapted and adjusted to the Australian life. It has been a home away from home experience, as my new sets of friends have turned family.

Starting life in a new environment could be challenging to anybody, most especially international students. But as soon as I got into Melbourne, I enrolled for different certificate courses which has enabled me to secure a job. The team of International Student Advisers which Deakin has are a team of lovely people that are always ready to help international students secure a noble and flexible job that will allow them study as well. The public transport system in Melbourne is quite effective and reliable from the trams, to trains and the buses!

Olusola taking a 'selfie' on one of Melbourne's trams

Taking a selfie on one of Melbourne’s trams

Who wouldn’t want to study in a university that ranks among the top 400 universities in the world? I had an exceptionally good result from my first semester in Deakin; my current average is a distinction, coupled with the fact that I got credit from previous studies. Australia has opened me up to many opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to study and live in a city that is the most liveable in the world? Melbourne! Endless possibilities.

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page. Or ask us a question by visiting our international student enquiry page – we’re happy to help you get to know Deakin better.

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