Aussie expressions and Aussie summers: Charlotte’s made the most of it all

Image of Charlotte

Postgraduate diploma alumnus Charlotte Pedersen studied Media and Communication to complement her marketing expertise with improved writing skills. ‘But, to qualify for the PG Diploma course, I had to complete the 10-week English course at Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI). I now feel as confident as ever about speaking English fluently,’ she says. Originally from Norway, Charlotte wanted to learn English in an English-speaking country.

‘The United Kingdom could have been an option,’ she concedes, ‘but the grey skies were no match for the beautiful warm weather of an Australian summer.’ So here she is, enjoying the Australian sun, the Australian culture and the Australian way of life.

‘The people, who have come here from every possible corner of the world, have made Melbourne a cultural melting pot. And getting to learn English and study Media and Communication here at Deakin University has given me a perspective well beyond pure academics,’ she says. ‘I enjoy the Public Relations writing course a lot. And my DUELI studies have enabled me to reach a fairly high English speaking and writing standard.’

On the topic of unique Australian English expressions, Charlotte has warmed to ‘woop woop’. ‘It means “in the middle of nowhere”,’ she explains with a smile. ‘A few of my Deakin friends hailing from country Victoria use the term affectionately to describe where they come from.’

Charlotte, who has completed her studies last trimester, has made the most of her time at Australia. She has gone on a road trip cross-continent – from the southern Australian State of Victoria right up to the north of tropical Queensland. She has held a sleepy wombat in her arms, fed a bunch of carrots to wallabies and shaken hands with koalas.

And for all her wonderful experiences at Deakin and Australia, Charlotte says, ‘Ta’ – the Aussie expression for ‘thank you’.

2014 DUELI International Students Brochure 2014 LA Building BC Building Deakin Burwood campus

Charlotte, centre, pictured alongside fellow DUELI student advisers.

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