My Deakin Scholarship: A life-changing opportunity

What began as a chance turned into a life-changing experience for me. I always wanted to be a journalist, finally this dream will come true.

I remember being in grade four, when I pointed at a journalist on the television screen I said, ‘I want to be a journalist when I grow up.’ My Dad smiled and said, ‘I am sure you will be.’

But growing up we tend to become more  ‘practical’, we tend to think the way we are taught to think. And the same happened with me. Slowly ‘practicality’ started to outweigh my dreams and I thought of doing law. I guess destiny had other plans.

I guess destiny had other plans.

It was my mother who came across the advertisement on TV. The advertisement was for high school students to apply for the chance to study an undergraduate degree at Deakin University with a full scholarship. She encouraged me to apply. Seeing that the scholarship was for only one student, I quickly lost hope. Nonetheless, I filled the form in.

The scholarship was jointly sponsored by NDTV and Deakin University. Staff from both organisations were on the selection panel, along with some other external experts. The shortlisting procedure for the scholarship winner began; starting with telephonic interviews and then on to the next round of being evaluated on the basis of our extra-curricular activities and academics.

Based on the above, we were informed that only 16 candidates from the entire country were going to be chosen. I will never forget how I used to cling on to my phone the entire day waiting for a call, and the excitement in my voice when they finally did.

28 May 2015 was the day or D-DAY to be more precise. It was the day the fate of one of the 16 candidates was about to change.

Here I was – a girl with dreams of being a journalist – right inside the studios of NDTV, a national TV broadcasting network

Entering the NDTV studios, being a part of the atmosphere I always dreamt to be a part of, that feeling I cannot really be put into words. Here I was – a girl with dreams of being a journalist – right inside the studios of NDTV, a national TV broadcasting network. My eyes kept growing bigger with astonishment with each step, and I had a big smile that just wouldn’t go away.

The selection was a two-stage process. The first stage involved an interview and the showcasing of a self-made presentation of our achievements. Based on that, only five students were selected for the final round. The final round included a group discussion on various topics.

And then, on the basis of how all of us did on both the stages, one student was selected.

Each and every student that had made it to the 16-member shortlist was so brilliant. Just being in their company was such a learning experience. I feel blessed to have gotten that opportunity.

Winning this scholarship fulfilled my dream of studying in one of the best universities in the world, and the icing on the cake is that I get to study the course I have always wanted to study and fulfill my lifelong dream of being a journalist.

Australia is such a beautiful, diverse and student-friendly country.

Australia is such a beautiful, diverse and student-friendly country. Today it is one of the fastest growing economies and provides one of the best atmospheres for international students. There are ample opportunities for students to grow and make the most of their talents. It is because of these reasons and more that I chose Australia as the country to study in.

Deakin University is a young university and yet, has proved its mark on the entire world. The opportunity to be a student of this university is a great honour.

The whole reason I wanted to win this scholarship was to make my parents proud without letting it get too heavy on their pockets.

I am looking forward to this new experience and promise to make the most of it.


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