Exploring the world. First stop: Deakin

As a kid, I always had a passion for travelling and exploring the world. Australia (Melbourne) was the first foreign country I ever visited and studied in. For a shy person who didn’t know the English language, I found it really hard dealing with people and knowing where everything is (shopping centres, train stations, bus stations, etc).  Fortunately, I had a few family members who supported me and stood by me for the first year. Living independently has changed a lot in me. I have become more confident and more social. These two attributes have helped me learn English quickly. Getting to know other international students and communicating with them forced me to speak English, in order for us to understand each other.

My brother used to study at Deakin, therefore suggested that I come to Australia, to study at Deakin. I studied at the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) for the first couple of months. Then I started doing my degree at Deakin College, which is the pathway to Deakin. Now I am finally a Deakin student. I am studying Information Technology, majoring in Security and Cloud Computing. For international students, it is a quite challenging to study in another language. So there are two challenges; one is to learn English professionally in order to get good grades in our studies, and the second is to finish the degree in order to get a good job in the future.

Deakin is not all about studying, which made it the best decision for me to choose to be a part of. There are a lot of clubs (for example, sports clubs, social clubs and religious clubs) students can join and enjoy their university life.  There is also a volunteering program at Deakin called Red Shirts, which made my life so much easier.

Working as a volunteer helped me to meet friendly people, and it made it much easier to get to know people from my course and get help if I ever needed. It also gave me experience working with people, getting to know the university from inside and out, and getting to know staff that can help with advice.

Travelling is still my passion. I have visited places other than Melbourne, such as Sydney. Also I have visited other countries besides Australia, such as, Indonesia and Malaysia. Hopefully I will continue traveling and explore the world.

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page. Or ask us a question by visiting our international student enquiry page – we’re happy to help you get to know Deakin better.

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