How Deakin’s great teaching helped me to become a teacher


Studying English at the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) not only provided me with English speaking skills but also provided a lot of good opportunities to connect with the world. I have discovered many different cultures, and have made new and interesting friends from all over the world.

Australia is a multicultural country. You will familiarise yourself with people from different cultures and be amazed with all the diversity. I do not feel lonely while I am studying here because I always have friends and people who are very nice and friendly.

Australian education has helped me to become more confident in academic learning. Teachers encourage everyone in class to share and discuss their ideas, which is quite different to where I come from. In Thailand, the classroom is more focused on passive learning, with students taught to be listeners and to follow instructions, while Australian study tends to be more active, creative, and promote independent learners.


Studying a Master of Teaching – Primary and Early Childhood at Deakin has made me realise that being a good teacher is very important and I am proud of myself for taking part in this degree. I have no idea how I have come this far as the Master of Teaching degree requires a very high English score. I achieved this by taking a good step from the EAP course and English for Teaching training, which prepared me for this higher education degree.

Living in Australia has made me more independent since I have to take care of myself. I have had to learn how to cook for myself, to save money and to live with others, including friends from different backgrounds. My studies also taught me how to multitask, which is a very important skill. Living and studying in Australia is such a good feeling, and I feel very grateful for the support my family has given me to come here. Without their support, I would not have had a chance to learn how to be mature and take good care of myself.

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