Learning English Inside and Outside the Classroom

Learning English at the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) isn’t all about improving academic reading and writing. It’s also about making friends and having fun, says Andrea Shimmen, Manager of the world-class English school’s Geelong campus.

“Students come to Deakin from all over the world. Arriving in a new country can be a challenging and frightening time, so we focus a lot of energy on making students feel comfortable in their home away from home,” says Ms Shimmen.

“By incorporating social events into the schedule, we are able to enhance the student experience, and fast-track important things like confidence and community building,” she added.


You call it football, we call it soccer.

The English language programs, which vary in duration from 5 to 45 weeks, include a variety of social programs, and encourage students to get outside the classroom and explore some of the incredible experiences that Australia has to offer. Popular activities include beach visits, shopping in Melbourne, tenpin bowling, attending sporting matches and road-trips to the famous Great Ocean Road.

In addition to exploring Victoria’s amazing sights and sounds, the social program helps students to relax and develop close relationships with their classmates.


DUELI students making the most of their Great Ocean Road experience!

DUELI graduate Natalia found the social program as one of her favourite parts of the course, declaring “I made new friends from all over the world. It’s fascinating to get to know them and learn how to say hello in different languages!”

In addition to social programs, the school offers intercultural conversation groups. Meeting from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm at the Geelong campuses, the group encourages students to learn about each other’s cultures, and discuss a range of topics.

For more information about learning English at Deakin, visit the DUELI website.

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