Coming back for more: Three times a Deakin student

Larry King Yeung is a ‘three-peat’ student with Deakin — he studied on campus at our partner Deakin College, then as an undergraduate student, and once more as a postgraduate student. After finishing his master’s in 2013 he has begun his career working for a professional recruitment firm in Hong Kong. Larry continues to be a be a big supporter of the University and shared this short account about his Deakin experience (Hugh Jackman not included):

Overseas study is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that influenced my life so much and my experience means a lot to me. Studying at Deakin University has given me the chance to grow and to be a well-rounded person in society.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. At 19 years old I decided to study overseas. I chose to start my diploma at Deakin College as a pathway to a bachelor’s degree. I went to the Burwood Campus which is located just next to the main Deakin campus. I studied a Diploma of Management and took a speed way to finish it – four subjects per trimester! Therefore most of my time in Deakin College was spent studying and learning. Yes, not only was I studying in Deakin College, I was also learning – I learned about the Australian culture, teaching style, and of course about Aussie English! I also met friends from other countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. My time in Deakin College was short and busy, but it helped me to be familiar with the teaching style and living in Australia. Therefore I was able to have a smooth transition to a bachelor’s degree.

After eight months I transferred to Deakin University and studied a Bachelor of Management (majoring in Human Resource Management). Unlike my busy diploma, I chose to have just three subjects per trimester so that I can have more spare time – to do a part time job, rent a house, buy a car, go some road trips and enjoy my life in Australia! My university life was full of new challenges and new stuff. The units I studied were both practical and theoretical. Assignments were of all types – individual essays, group presentations, group discussions, online tasks, site visits, etc. It helped me to build up interpersonal skills and self-learning development.

I then decided to continue study a master’s degree because I was attracted by the Deakin Business School’s reputation. I studied a Master of International Business, which mainly focuses on managerial skills in the international context. One of the things I enjoyed studying in my Deakin master’s degree was that it helps me to connect study skills with future career development. My assignments were based on real life experience. And occasionally there were some career fairs for students to build up professional networking. Throughout the year I was busy and working hard, as assignments are challenging and the standard of students are generally high. It took me a year to finish this valuable experience in Deakin. I then went back to Hong Kong and started my career after graduating with my master’s.

Studying in Deakin has helped me a lot of to prepare for my life and career. I have built up my confidence in handling international business in terms of language and knowledge. I have been working with expats in Hong Kong and required frequent use of English to communicate. The study environment in Deakin provided me a good chance to practice English. Also, my overseas life experience has strengthened me to be a quick and independent learner. This ability can help me to develop good observations and stay curious. More importantly, being an alumnus of Deakin University has given me the chance to engage with a pool of other Deakin graduates around the world.

Deakin gave me a beautiful university life in Australia and changed me a lot. I have now been back in Hong Kong for more than a year, and I still miss every part of life at Deakin! I feel truly thankful for studying in Deakin. I am proud to be one of the alumni of Deakin University!

For further information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page. Or ask us a question by visiting our international student enquiry page – we’re happy to help you get to know Deakin better.


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