Crossing Australia off My Bucket List!

A year ago, if you told Pia that she’d finally be able to cross “Visit Australia” off her bucket list, she would call you silly in a heartbeat.

It has always been a dream of mine to visit the infamous ‘Land Down Under’. I would constantly be finding myself looking through photos of the beaches of Australia, watching TV shows set in Australia, reading about things that visitors must do in Australia – I knew that one day, I would actually get myself to book a plane ticket and go, but I never knew it would be during my college career.

When I heard about Deakin University’s Summer School program through my college’s study abroad office, I was sold. I handed in my application and two months later, I found myself packing my suitcase with summer clothes and escaping the bitter New York winter to be underneath the beautiful Australian sun.

Every single minute I’ve spent on that trip was worthwhile; I fell in love with Melbourne almost instantly. The city was just so full of life, the beaches were picture perfect, even the alleyways were welcoming with their colourful and mesmerising graffiti-ed walls. The adventures taken were beyond memorable – from challenging our strength by zip lining from tree to tree, to attempting to stand up fully while riding a wave on the blue waters. I woke up every single day in such a great mood with the biggest smile on my face.

And, of course, all of these amazing experiences wouldn’t have been as fun as they were, if it weren’t for the greatest people I’ve ever met. I sound like such a broken record for saying this once again, but I still cannot believe just how close I’ve gotten with the people on this trip. The Deakin program really brought together such a compatible group of people. I will never forget the memories that we’ve all had together – eating boxes upon boxes of Tim Tams, running to get into that selfie-stick shot, collectively dying from walking up the steepest hill we’ve ever encountered, and even when every single one of us got sunburnt from the surf trip. Thanks to them, I’ve had endless moments of smiles and laughter along with the unforgettable memories we’ve shared together.

So thank you Deakin, for making one of my dreams a reality. I reminisce about all the moments I’ve had in one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. Not a day goes by where I don’t wish that I was back in Melbourne. I left my heart in Australia and it’s all thanks to the Deakin University Summer Program. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and I know I’ll be back in Australia very, very soon.

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