Meet Hoon, South Korean soldier turned Deakin Student

Before coming to Deakin, I worked for two years as a uniformed soldier in South Korea. During this time, I dwelled on my future, but was possessed with the idea of studying in Australia. I still don’t know why, but it was the very first thing on my bucket list. My dream came true, and I came to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

On just my third day in Melbourne, I began working as a cleaner at Etihad Stadium. Unfortunately, I could only work during the Australian Football season. When the off-season came there was no work, and I lived from hand to mouth. It was a very tough period, and with just $10 in my bank account, I knew that I had to find a part-time job.

In my job search, I applied to every shop I passed by. I was determined. And knowing that university would be expensive, I put aside money so that I could achieve the number one thing on my bucket list. When I achieved my dream, and was accepted into the Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, you can imagine how happy I was!

Throughout the process, I was eager to have some awesome experiences with people from various backgrounds. I lived in Port Melbourne for a year and made good friends with my housemates, who I got along with from top to bottom. Obviously it was the happiest time in Australia so far, and I travelled to many places with them. Every single place in Melbourne is remarkable and fantastic, and I believe all people will fall in love with Australia’s travel destinations. With friends, I was able to improve my English little by little, which helped me to get through the IELTS testing to enter university.

Currently, I’m studying and working at the same time. Of course, students should devote time to studying in preference to working, but I have found working part-time has taught me valuable skills and has helped me to develop.

To others considering the same experience, imagine how lovely it is to study in this beautiful city. Students will be satisfied with learning at Deakin University, where the campus is surrounded with nature. I wish for others to be happy, and to enjoy university life like I have.

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