First DUELI Geelong student receives her PhD


DUELI Geelong’s first enrolled student, Sara Farag, has received her PhD in one of the recent graduation ceremonies.

Now, Dr Sara Farag, originally came from Egypt and studied at DUELI Geelong in 2009 when it first opened.

After successfully completing her DUELI studies, Sara embarked on her PhD in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, supervised by Professor Saeid Nahavandi.

Sara completed her PhD in 2013 which is quite an achievement as she had a young baby, her second child to care for in her final year of thesis writing. Her thesis titled, Towards Parameterless 3D mesh segmentation,  focuses on the 3D mesh segmentation process for computer graphics objects. The thesis’ research demonstrates how the process can be undertaken using a parameterless approach that allows full automation with accurate results. Applications of this research include but are not limited to; 3D search engines, 3D character animation, robotics environment recognition and augmented reality.

Sara has now begun a new position in Learning Environments, Research and Evaluation, with Deakin Learning Futures, based in the Faculty of Business and Law. Congratulations and best wishes to Dr Farag.

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