Presenting our G20 Youth Forum representative


Mitch Lapenas has been selected to attend the G20 Youth Forum in Bavaria, Germany in May.

Currently in his third year of a combined Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce degree, he is is heading overseas for the second time this year, having completed a combined study tour and internship in Indonesia in January.

Mitch was delighted to be awarded the position of Minister of Economics overwhelmed to be the one chosen to attend. ‘I have to create an essential readings list of links and information about entrepreneurship and write a position paper on what I believe should be done to encourage young entrepreneurs to take the first leap,’ he explains.

Mitch also hopes to attend a follow-up summit in Switzerland in September where young entrepreneurs will meet to collaborate on ways to combat social problems through entrepreneurship. ‘I am business focused so if I can help people get an ethical business started up I am helping the world,’ he says. ‘I hope to make the world a better place.’

Mitch is full of praise for the opportunities Deakin has provided him. ‘I am immensely satisfied with what Deakin has done for me. Every step of the way there has been someone to help me if I needed it.’

Mitch says he originally hadn’t planned to study International studies, planning to do a straight commerce degree but at the last minute decided to add international studies which changed everything.

‘I wanted to see the world,’ he explains. ‘But I really had no idea what international studies was about. I didn’t realise the number of political theories that are involved but I love it.’ Things like watching the news have changed for him, he adds.

‘I can see a conflict somewhere and am able to understand what is going on, why it’s occurring and what is likely to arise from it.’

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