DUELI hosts 12 university groups from Japan


DUELI hosted 12 university groups from Japan in February/March.

The groups’ visit was to encourage and foster stronger educational bonds between Deakin and the Japanese universities and actively promote the idea of Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI), as a viable English language destination.

Ben Stubbs, Director of Global Student Mobility is pleased by the strong interaction between Deakin and the Japanese universities, with the number of Japanese students matriculating to a Deakin Study Abroad program in the next two years expected to grow significantly.

‘As a result of the success of the DUELI study tour program, we are expecting Japan to be one of the largest source countries for incoming study abroad students to Deakin University.’

DUELI has developed strong connections between several Japanese universities in recent years and quite a few colleges have already established an ongoing student exchange program with DUELI, Ben says.

The Japanese visit while aimed at encouraging more Japanese students to DUELI was to also bring more diversity and multiculturalism to DUELI and Deakin.

‘We also want Deakin students to go to Japan. Deakin’s Faculty of Arts and Education already organise tours to send groups to Tokyo and Kyoto and we hope to continue to increase the numbers of students going to Japan in the coming years.’

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