Engineering students celebrate Yee Peng festival


Deakin engineering students help celebrate the Yee Peng festivities.

The Global Science and Technology program lets students from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment explore the world while studying. The Program aims to recognise, reward and support high achieving students who would like to conduct part of their studies overseas to help them develop new skills and a broader world view.

Deakin engineering students are currently visiting Chiang Mai and are based at the Chiang Mai University. On the occasion of the Yee Peng festival, they helped celebrate the festivities by releasing floating lanterns (kor loys) into the water. During the night, they had the opportunity to learn more about Yee Peng traditions and what they mean to Thai Buddhists.

Deakin study tours offer students great personal, academic and career development opportunities and help them become true citizens of the world. Global study opportunities are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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