Deakin joins forces with Indonesia University Consortium


Deakin University and the Consortium of Eastern Indonesia Sate Universities have jointly opened a new English, Academic and Research Centre in Tadulako, Indonesia.

Associate Professor Ismet Fanany from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences says the Centre was a breakthrough for Indonesian academics wanting to study in Australia.

‘The Language Centre is the first of its kind in terms of structure and management, although there are many forms of English language training in Indonesia. It is targeted at staff of Indonesian universities who wish to get PhDs and need support to develop their language and research skills before coming to Australia. There is no other similar centre in which an Australian (or other foreign university) has a direct role.’

The Centre to be run by the Consortium of Eastern Indonesian State Universities, is part of a consortium made up of state universities in Eastern Indonesia.

The Centre’s opening was covered in the local media and allowed Deakin representatives to meet with other representatives from the Consortium. The event raised Deakin’s profile enormously in Eastern Indonesia, particularly since the Centre bears Deakin’s name.

At the event, Deakin was also able promote its services for students wanting to complete research degrees. The opening was attended by Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Gary Smith, Professor Tes Toop, Professor Chris Hickey (Arts and Education), Associate Professor Ismet Fanany (Arts and Education), Dr Rebecca Fanany (Arts and Education), and Andrea Shimmen (DUELI).

The opening coincided with an international seminar held by the Universitas Tadulako on international research collaborations where Professor Toop was one of the invited speakers. Deakin works closely with Tadulako University, who is part of this consortium and has had a formal relationship with them since 2012.

A second language centre is planned in Indonesia and will be set up at Universitas Andalas, in Padang, West Sumatra.

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