Global Citizenship Program

Deakin’s Global Citizenship Award highlights Deakin’s commitment to the community.

Deakin University hosted its third Global Citizen Program (GCP) Awards in November. Held at Deakin Edge in Federation Square, Melbourne, the event recognised the 47 students who successfully completed the requirements to achieve a Global Citizenship Award in 2013.

‘I would like to congratulate these students for being involved in the program and representing Deakin’s commitment to Internationalisation and the success you have achieved in your own lives’ said Deputy Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement) Prof Gary Smith.

Today the GCP program has around 2000 students registered and has an alumni community of 144 members. The award is given to students who participate in a range of international activities, including semester-long study abroad trips, internships, field schools, volunteering, and conferences, among many other activities.

In 2013, Deakin Global Citizens were involved with several overseas projects such as building a kindergarten in Fiji, constructing solar hot-water bathhouse in India and providing sports education and training in Sri Lanka.

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