Deakin Mentor Professional Learning Program

‘Mentoring is a reciprocal professional relationship which not only helps to improve the professional practice of new teachers, but also provides opportunities for more experienced teachers to gain fresh perspectives,’ (DET, 2016.)

The priority of professional experience is for Pre Service Teachers to develop their skills in a supportive environment.  As they transition into the school environment it is essential that they create relationships with teachers who are open to sharing their expertise and knowledge.

The Mentor Professional Learning Program has been developed to support the needs of mentors who are hosting Deakin Pre Service Teachers within their classrooms.  The program aims to develop your skills in a range of areas including building effective partnerships, developing an understanding of the Teaching Standards, listening, reflecting, making accurate judgements and sharing expertise.

The Mentor Professional Learning Program has multiple priorities, some of which are:

  • Clarity around the mentor role;
  • Building a network of high functioning mentors;
  • Connecting classroom theory and standards in practice;
  • Developing confidence in having critical conversations and
  • Developing the partnership between the academy and schools.

The development of mentors within the alliance is a priority for the Deakin Teaching Academy.  Elements of this digital resource have been developed or sourced from a range of contributors.