The DAMiC-Lab will primarily focus on applied and innovative quantitative methods for systematic modelling, measurement, computation, assessment, analysis and optimisation in the construction-related areas that include, but are not limited to:

  • Contemporary Industry Challenges: building defects, rising costs and skill shortages.
  • Construction automation and data analytics
  • Construction financing and planning
  • Resources and constraints in construction processes
  • High-performance buildings and construction processes
  • Operation and maintenance of constructed facilities and assets
  • Occupant-centric building performance and control
  • Performance and productivity of construction companies
  • Construction and economic, environmental and social development towards sustainability
  • Emergent off-site design, manufacture and development engaging renewables.
  • Responses of the construction industry to emerging macro events
  • Diversity and innovation in the global construction
  • Construction supply chain management
  • Behavioural implications of human-construction interaction.