ManuFutures Export Acceleration Program 

Deakin University ManuFutures has been granted funding from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, through the Incubator Support, New and Existing Incubator Program, to enhance its support programs. The new funds will be used to establish the ManuFutures Export Acceleration Program (MEAP) – an export-focused blend of skill development, business support, networking events and mentoring models.

The MEAP is a multi-faceted approach to building the business expertise and capacity of ManuFutures’ tenants. It will provide skills enhancement, through individual staff and group training, and mentorship for the emerging enterprises. It will establish subsidised outbound and inbound trade missions to target markets, curated for ManuFutures’ tenants’ client mix, and it will develop and trial a tool box for pipeline engagement, to support pre-entry enterprises and optimize the likelihood of success for the next generation of ManuFutures’ tenants. 

Multi-disciplinary, work-integrated learning, internships and postgraduate opportunities for Deakin students will also be an important focus. Novel programs will not only benefit the students, but provide tenant enterprises with insights from teams of Deakin students across disciplines. Research will be the final key to the MEAP’s success. A viable research program established within ManuFutures will expedite collaborative prototyping and process development, and provide the technical advantages for tenants to thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

The ManuFutures Export Acceleration Program (MEAP) has been designed to support the global scale up of the businesses within ManuFutures. The program will support in bound and out bound trade missions as well as business development capability and capacity building seminars and workshops. The aim is to help businesses realise their export potential quickly by providing bespoke support activities and services over the next 2 years. The ManuFutures Export Acceleration Program (MEAP) Learning Portal is part of a greater initiative within Deakin University. The purpose of MEAP is to enable emerging advanced manufacturing enterprises co-located in ManuFutures to strengthen their export focus and accelerate their entry into global markets. ManuFutures is a hub for innovation in the Geelong Economic Futures Precinct on the Waurn Ponds Campus.


The MEAP Learning Portal has been set up by the Deakin Business School and provides useful resources for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Innovation and entrepreneurship are well aligned with the vision of Deakin Business School to prepare graduates for careers of the future, harness emerging technologies to facilitate innovative, borderless, and personalized education and to positively impact the communities we serve. Not only has the business school been teaching these skills to students, many of the key members of the business school are embedded in the latest thinking in this area and are contributing on an ongoing basis to the development of models and theories of entrepreneurship. In addition, the Deakin Business School has close linkages to industry and many of the staff members have themselves transitioned from industry positions into the DBS environment.