Ecocriticism, Place and Environment

FOR 470509

Deakin has a growing specialisation in literatures of place and environment, focusing particularly in terms of engagement with:

  • Literature and climate change
  • writing through cultural catastrophe
  • narratives of belonging
  • storying built environment
  • rethinking the dynamics between the human and more-than-human

Cassandra Atherton and Ann Vickery were part of a tri-institutional conference team on “Contemporary Women’s Writing and the Environment” that brought the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association conference to Australia for the first time.

Research has focused on built environments (Patrick West), nuclear trauma (Cassandra Atherton and Alyson Miller on Hiroshima and Alyson Miller on Chernobyl) and regional Victoria (Patrick West and Emily Potter).

  • International networks: Shadow Places Network (funded by Seedbox Collaboratory for Environmental Humanities, and a collaboration with Macquarie and Linkoping University, Sweden)
  • Deakin networks: Climate Change Communication and Narratives Network (led by Emily Potter and Gabi Mocatta)



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