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Who would you like to checkout?

That was the unexpected question for our visitors while the Human Library Pilot was on The Verge. Our video wall had graphics as diverse as the people featured on the screens. The project puts a redefining spin on libraries, and promotes social inclusion through contact and understanding. Visitors could learn about themselves, the stereotypes and assumptions they hold, and the life of another person in the collection.

A timely reminder – not to judge a book by its cover.

Participants could chat with the speakers and develop a greater understanding of their life story. Our Human Books were available to borrow for a 15 minute interview. A novel idea, that required an equally original display on The Verge.

SketchVisitors could use the touch screen to scroll through the different titles, flip the books to read the blurb, and browse the full line up. An interactive and reality based spin on your average browse of book shelves. Our graphic designers combined bio’s, portrait photos, sketches and animation to imitate physical book covers.

Those covers were so impressive our guest speakers were asking for a hard copy to keep. We’re proud of the cutting edge designs by our team, another dynamic exhibition to delight our library users.

Everyone has a story to tell, which ones would you want to hear? To read the blurb for each Human Book, visit the schedule at Eventbrite.

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