inkl trial – ends 30th September 2021


The Library is currently running a trial for inkl newspaper. inkl is a curation site that provides daily newspaper articles from authoritative sources, some of which might ordinarily be paywalled (e.g. New York Times). There is a simple search function and an option to browse by topic.



Access: Login and register, you can also download the Inkl App on your phone/device.

How to register –

  • Upon access scroll down to Login Her
  • Scroll down below to the very small print – New to inkl? Join now

When accessing electronic resources, please ensure that you carefully read the publisher’s privacy policy and information collection statement. Resources which require you to log in or, enable content sharing, may collect and store your data in jurisdictions outside of Victoria. Deakin is not responsible for the use of that information by the Publisher. Any queries can be sent to the Publisher Licensing Consultant.

Publisher`s description: Inkl is a news subscription platform. It provides access to breaking news, including sources that aren’t available elsewhere (like Foreign Affairs, Financial Times, The Economist and The Atlantic). Inkl delivers over 3 million articles a year – all without ads, paywalls or clickbait. Inkl’s unique algorithms rank articles by importance or news value, and surface multiple perspectives on each story to help readers counter bias. Inkl’s journalists complement the algorithms by curating feeds like Good News.

Trial ends 30.09.2021

Please provide feedback by emailing your comments to the below trial champion. You may like to consider the following points when reviewing this resource.

  • Relevance to your area of interest
  • Ease of use of the database
  • Search functionality

For further information please contact Brad Adams

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