TDM Studio – new library database supporting text and datamining for ProQuest

TDM Studio

The following new resource has been added to the Library catalogue. TDM Studio

TDM Studio supports texts and data mining for ProQuest database content. A visualisation tool is accessible for all Deakin users, and the TDM Studio Workbench is available on request from the Library.

This resource is available in the A-Z Databases page now. 

Please take note of the Access Information note on the A-Z Database page, which states: New users must create a personal account using their Deakin email address. To access TDM Workbench contact the Library.



 Visualisations allow analysis on datasets without having to know how to code


  • 5 projects, 10000 documents for a user in the visualisations
  • Create a map from a data file
  • Zoom in, change the date range using the slider at the bottom
  • Click on a cluster to see related articles cluster
  • Click on the article to view in ProQuest
  • Export citations and geographic coordinates.
  • Self-registration based on Deakin email, valid Deakin address verified before allowing access
  • Save searches – If you have a ProQuest MyResearch account uses this one, no need to create a new one



Workbench for people who already know how to code and can use R or Python 


  • Up to 10 projects with 2 million documents
  • Create based on ProQuest databases







  • Or Individual titles







  • Once you have your documents you code using the Juypter notebooks
  • Pre-installed packages that will do some of the coding for you.
  • Manual included on how to use Juypter




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