Peer Assessment

Our Faculty has been trialing online peer assessment tools since Tri-3, 2013 to build, assess and evidence teamwork skills. In particular, we provide support for two online peer assessment systems: SparkPLUS and CATME. If you are interested in trialing these tools, please contact Dr. Bhavani sridharan ( or +17410) or Jamie Mustard (

Both SparkPLUS and CATME helps students to assess their own contribution and their peers’ contribution in a team working environment.  These tool is appropriate for assessing self/team working process (e.g. how well students contributed and worked as a team), and providing constructive comments on teamwork skills to improve or learn from mistakes.

To help develop your skills in assessing teamwork skills and using the online peer assessment tools, Learning Innovations provide a number of PD sessions, both face to face and webinar sessions.  You can register for these sessions using the faculty ERS. If you need one-to-one session, please contact Dr Bhavani Sridharan ( or +17410).

The following self-paced and reference resources are available to help you with designing team work assessment using online peer assessment tools.

SparkPlus  CATME
Guide to Use SparkPlus Tool Guide to Use CATME Tool
How to interpret SparkPlus Factors CATME Premier Guide (video)

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